Hi there! I am Axell from DOLLARJOURNEY.CA. I created this site to chronicle my journey towards FINANCIAL freedom. I am just a regular guy and not a financial expert. But, I do hope you can learn a thing or two here as I write my own experiences (both failure and success) working my way to achieve my personal and financial goals.


I came to Canada as an immigrant about two decades (2001) back. So, I’ve been here for quite awhile now. 🙂 I got three great kids and all were born here. Much like the experience of a lot of immigrant families, life is not always that easy. I have experienced times when I’ve been jobless for an extended period and hustled my way on a lot of job interviews hoping to get lucky to be hired. I’ve been in huge debt because I was out of work for an extended period but was able to get out of it. I’ve had back taxes (and interest) owed to CRA and again with determination and the help of a good accountant I got out of it and was able to pay it off completely.

Right now, things are much better. I don’t have debt other than my mortgage. I am gainfully employed and making OK where I work. But, I’m NOT really FINANCIALLY FREE. Not just yet. I don’t have enough for retirement and not enough fund for the tertiary education of my three kids. Got to hustle and got to really focus hence this site.


I’m just a regular immigrant Joe here in Canada working his way to become financially free and sharing the journey.


Everything must have goals and this financial blog is no different.

  • Share Canadian-focused financial content from a regular guy’s point of view.
  • Grow this financial blog so it becomes a new stream of income for me.
  • To share site income (honest numbers only!) monthly so readers would know how much a financial blog like this one makes.

Warning and Disclaimer

This site is for informational purposes only and everything written is the expressed opinion only and beliefs (which may be biased) of the author. There can be unintentional factual errors as well. The reader is advised to also use/check other sources of similar information and make his own personal judgement and actions.

This site will feature products where the author may get paid to write about the product.